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Where to eat & socialise on campus

Your helpful guide to find out what's on offer in our catering outlets, opening hours and weekly menus

mex.png - At Mexi.Co our salsas, guacamole and salads are prepared by our chefs every morning with just the right amount of heat and acidity. Chicken, beef and pork are marinated overnight and slow cooked until tender and succulent. Beans and rice are given the full flavour treatment with cumin,garlic and mild Pasilla chilli.  Viva Mexico!

Burger City – The story of Burger City originates in New York, where combinations of burgers are emerging, each jam-packed with flavour.  Old favourites and new guest Burgers served with great sides and sauces


TACOTARIA is our new authentic Taco concept that's bursting with all the flavours of Mexican Cuisine. While taco Tuesday may seem to be a recent addition to many restaurant menus, the first Taco Tuesday was publicized in 1933 in EL Paso, Texas. Ever since, restaurants have had their spin on Taco Tuesday and offered taco specials every Tuesday.

Mama G’s African Soul Food – African cuisine is a hottest new food trend for 2023/2024!  Each region of Africa has a wide range of ingredients and flavours, and Mama G’s comes fully loaded to showcase this!







Our new Dizzy Panda brand embraces the 2024 trend where we explore Asia as a vibrant melting pot of flavours, focussing around Chinese cuisine, whilst taking influence from surrounding foodie hotspots such as Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia



Wrap & Roll.  This innovative food concept takes the art of wrapping and rolling to a whole new level.  The concept embraces culinary tradition from around the globe, offering a range of wraps that cater to all palates and dietary preferences. Each wrap or bowl is carefully crafted with locally sourced produce and succulent meats, ensuring that every bite bursts with exquisite flavours. 


Smoke & Bark – Our new BBQ Smokehouse concept, juicy and packed with flavour.

Warning!  May contain burnt ends!




Mumbai Kitchen - A must try destination for lovers of traditional Indian dishes. Freshly roasted spices are blended and ground by our chefs to make up the masalas which give Mumbai Kitchen it’s authentic flavour.  Look out for the guest Mumbai Kitchen Toastie range!





Wok Street presents a blend of Chinese & South East Asian

bestsellers. A mix of Malaysian curries, Thai noodle dishes and

Szechuan stir-fries are the go to favourites of this ever popular




Pranzo - At Pranzo our pizza dough is freshly made every morning our space is a simple blend of tomatoes, oregano, olive oil and sea salt and the toppings are hand prepared form scratch every day


Joe de Frango – At Joe’s you will find the best Peri Peri Chicken, made with our very own chilli and citrus blend and carefully cooked until delicious and juicy.  ‘Meatless’ options available with house salads and sauces


Flour & Glory – The best of classic British street food, gloriously classic and deliciously different.  Twists on old favourites such as Coronation chicken Naan Wrap, Posh fish Finger Buttie and Pie & Mash

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