Our Commitment to Sustainability......

At Aramark we take an ethical approach to everything we do. As we continually look for ways in which we can enrich and nourish the lives of those we serve and employ, we have responsibility with our Supplier Corporate Responsibility forum to work with our supply chain and key suppliers on achieving our and client future CR goals.

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MSC Fish

All fish sourced at Robert Gordon University is accredited with the MSC label. The Marine Stewardship Council fights to end overfishing and protect ocean life, setting the standard for sustainable fishing. The MSC label means that seafood is safe and can be traced back to a sustainable source. To learn more about all the great work that MSC do in protecting the oceans, please visit the official MSC website.


Peas Please accreditation 2019

We have been accredited the Peas Please Accreditation at Robert Gordon University and are listed on the Peas Please Pledge Website along with other well-known food providers, at RGU Aramark is commited with the following pledge - 

- adding more veg to composite meals where possible.

- making our salad bars and snack offerings more pro-veg

- communicating the health benefits of more veg with our guests

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Red Tractor Certification

We source meat and animal-produced products sold and used in our recipes which are Red Tractor certified. This means the certification is assurance that food is traceable, safe and farmed with care.

Meat is sourced from Campbells Catering Butchers. Campbells is not only Red Tractor Certified, but also Farm assured QMS accredited and fully traceable.


Free Range Eggs

All our  eggs served at Robert Gordon University have the British Lion Egg accreditation. Eggs that carry the British Lion mark have been produced under the stringent requirements of the British Lion Code of Practice which ensures the highest standards of food safety. The code covers the entire production chain and ensures strict food safety controls including the guarantee that all hens are vaccinated against Salmonella and a ‘passport’ system ensuring that all hens, eggs and feed are fully traceable.



We are committed to supporting Fairtrade as much as possible. Throughout our outlets you will find fairtrade products from Coffee in our exclusive 53.3 Degrees North Coffee Brand, Starbucks and Costa, also not only Fairtrade and Rainforest alliance endorsed but also organic. Every coffee and tea served is fully traceable back to its origin. Other products on campus range from Chocolate bars and snacks also fairtrade accredited.

We support Fairtrade Fortnight with highlighting the importance of the foundation, for more information on Fairtrade visit the foundation website.


healthyliving award

Aramark at Robert Gordon University strives to commit to providing healthier dishes on campus, and this is demonstrated by holding healthyliving award across all outlets on campus.


Healthyliving award demonstrates that 50% of all menu options available are a healthier alternative.



Food Waste Recycling

All foods from campus whether its from Onion Peel or Chicken Bones from our kitchens, down to left over food waste from your plate is recycled locally in Aberdeenshire, Keenan recycling Ltd is the largest food recycling plant in the UK. Although as a company we try to minimise on food waste, rest assured its all recycled and put back into the land for agricultural purposes.

Visit the official Kennan recycling Ltd website to learn where your campus food waste goes....


Waste Oil Recycling


Olleco offer the UK food manufacturing industry a compliant and comprehensive collection service for used vegetable oils and fats, as well as fats from meat cooking.  Materials are collected by Olleco across campus regulary and safely. You can also be assured in the knowledge that everything Olleco collects is recycled and converted into renewable energy in the form of biodiesel.


Coffee Bean Grounds - Costa


Since June 2016, Costa have been working with clean technology company bio-bean to recycle our used coffee grounds into biofuel. Through this partnership, bio-bean now recover over 3,500 tonnes of coffee grounds every year from around 900 Costa Coffee Franchise stores.

In addition Costa Coffee also runs an initiative called Grounds for Grounds, which gives our customers the opportunity to take our used coffee grounds home to use in their gardens. Coffee grounds make great fertiliser or can be used to create a naturally balanced compost pile!

Our other Coffee stores on campus also offer this opportunity and we welcome all gardening enthusiastits to ask at our stores across campus and we will be able to provide grounds as often as you want to take home for your own gardens.

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Packaging made from plants

Vegware is a manufacturer and visionary brand, the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging. Vegware have award-winning products known for their quality, performance and design that showcase your menu offerings. 

All our disposable products on campus are Vegware and other Bio-degradable products made from plants which can be disposed of in our food waste bins across campus made into compost through the partnership with Kennan recycabling Ltd, so make sure apart from Costa Cups put your takeaway disposable into the food waste bin anywhere on campus.


You enjoy it. We recycle it.


As the UK’s largest coffee shop brand, we’re continuously working to drive change in the industry to ensure that more takeaway cups are disposed of and recycled, both inside and outside of our stores.

Because we have a Franchise store on Campus allows us to run this initiative across all our Costa outlets, we collect your cups from each location and take them to the franchise store to be collected and recycled.

Our unique approach along with our other coffee brand disposables all being Bio-degradable  means none of our coffee cups should be going to land waste! But you need to dispose correctly!! Be Aware and read the recycling wall detail....