Poco Trade launched in 2019 with the mission of sharing sustainably sourced and locally roasted specialty coffee with corporate customers.

Poco Trade is the sister company of Poco Roast (formally Coffee Scotland) which launched in August 2018.

Coffee Scotland, as it was then known, began as a result of the mutual appreciation for specialty coffee but the shared inconvenience of not having a single place where locally roasted specialty coffee could be found.


Coffee Scotland endeavored to celebrate Scottish roasted specialty coffee and was part of Cohort 1 of the Robert Gordon University Start-up Accelerator. During the accelerator, the vision the founders had for Coffee Scotland grew.


We quickly realised that we did not want to limit our reach to just Scotland, instead we wanted to work with the growing number of independent coffee roasters all over the
UK and Europe. And so Poco Roast was born.


Poco Roast showcases the very best specialty coffee that has been roasted by independent coffee roasts across the UK by providing customers with a coffee subscription. Each week customers are able to discover a new coffee roaster and a new coffee.

We pride ourselves on our values:
• Providing great coffee.
• Ensuring fair prices and sustainability throughout the supply chain.
• Supporting local independent coffee roasters across Scotland and the UK.

Our values are intrinsic to every decision we make, and we will never compromise.