The source… a miracle of nature

Deeside Mineral Water is a gift from nature which flows from an ancient spring in one of the most beautiful, unspoilt parts of Scotland. It is a remote area located 600 feet above sea level within the protected Cairngorms National Park and close to Balmoral Castle.

Over 1 billion litres of rain fall around the springs every year. The water spends around 50 years being gently filtered through the layers of underground rock and miles of crevices. It is during this time that the water’s unique qualities are absorbed and captured. It flows naturally under its own pressure from the artesian springs on the heather clad hillside, free from pollution or the influences of man.

Unlike some bottled waters there are no boreholes in the ground to pump out more water. We believe in nature and nurture, which is why we only use what the springs provide under their own pressure. We like to preserve the balance of nature.